Our bespoke sixth form PSHCE schedule allows students to access a range of talks, presentations, workshops and enrichment opportunities which help guide them through Sixth Form life and prepare them for life beyond. At the heart of our programme is the objective to nurture our students’ personal, social, moral and cultural dimension whilst in our care.

A main part of our curriculum guides and supports students through their career or university choice. Our Career Pathways allows students to choose an appropriate action plan to lead them successfully on to their destination at the end of the Sixth Form. The schedule also offers advice on health and well-being, and also has a clear focus on guiding students through examinations by reinforcing study skills and the importance of personal organisation. Form tutors are a key part of delivering our 6th form mentoring programme, which forms an important part of our schedule, where students review, discuss and promote their progression, both pastorally and academically through one-to-one interviews with their tutor. We offer talks and presentations from charities, volunteering groups and external agencies to help students engage with society in a positive way. We give students the chance to challenge their own thinking and develop reasoned views about moral and ethical issues, such as organ donation or prisoner rehabilitation. We run a voting system using proportional representation to model a general election when choosing our Head Girl team. We invite speakers from a range of cultural backgrounds to speak to our students on topical issues and where possible we engage students in discussion and response during these sessions. Coming together regularly as a year group also engenders a team spirit - a sense of community and belonging, where we can celebrate achievement in the spirit of our school’s values.

Our programme is continually being updated to keep in touch with today’s society. We hope our programme instils and develops in students the skills, knowledge and qualities that help equip them to confidently face and embrace modern Britain.   

 For further information on the PSHE programme for Sixth Form students please see the Curriculum section of the website.