HE+ Programme

HE+ is a collaborative project run by the University of Cambridge with groups of schools and colleges in several regions of the UK. In 2017, 1600 Year 12 students in over 50 schools and colleges participated in the initiative. Ten students from our top achievers are invited to become part of this group each year.

Through the HE+ project, the University of Cambridge and its colleges are working together with state schools and colleges to:

  • help students to develop their academic skills
  • Inspire students to aim as high as possible when making their university choices
  • Support students in preparing competitive applications to highly selective universities
  • Encourage students to challenge themselves and each other in an academically supportive environment.


The overall goal of the project is to encourage and prepare more academically-able students to compete for places at top universities.

Your son or daughter will be invited to a series of after school sessions, each an hour and a half long at one of our participating schools throughout this academic year. These sessions include activities such as group projects, challenging subject tutorials and talks with Cambridge University representatives.

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