Our School Staff


Mrs C Madeloso, 

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs K Graham 

Mr G Joplin

Assistant Head:

Mrs C Carter

Mrs S Fraser  

Mrs H Rimmer

Mr R Clarke  (Head of 6th Form)


Business Manager:

Mr J Byrne  

Progress Leaders:

  • Year 7 - Miss H Browne
  • Year 8 - Miss E Lancaster                        
  • Year 9 - Mrs E Simon
  • Year 10 - Mrs L Irving
  • Year 11 - Ms K Walker 

Sixth Form Progress Leaders:

  • Year 12 - Miss M Querol 
  • Year 13 - Mr Roy Owen    .                                      

Faculty Staff  (Subject Leaders are in bold )

Religious Studies: 

  • Miss E Rothwell 
  • Miss K Olivier (Maternity Leave)
  • Miss E Philp
  • M​r T Killilea
  • School Chaplain: Rev Mike Griffin


  • Miss H Stuttard 
  • Mrs H Singleton (2nd in Department)
  • Miss S Quine (Numeracy Co-Ordinator)
  • Mr I Vicary
  • Mr D Perry
  • Mrs A Oliver
  • Miss T Pritchard    
  • Mr J Tierney     
  • Miss L Matthews    


  • Mrs A De Middelaer 
  • Mrs T Hughes
  • Mrs. K Graham 
  • Mrs A Webster
  • Mrs S Fraser 
  • Mrs L Magin
  • Mr T Marston (2nd in Dept)
  • Mrs S Jones
  • Mrs D Baker
  • Mrs R Auer (Literacy Co-ordinator) Maternity Leave
  • Miss I Johnson
  • Mr S Ogolo
  • M​iss L Lee


  • Mrs N Eyres  (Head of Department)
  • Mr M Jones (2nd in Department)
  • Mrs K Armitage
  • Mr S Hussain (Diversity Co-Ordinator)
  • Mrs A Fayaz  (Diversity Co-Ordinator)
  • Mrs G Gratton
  • Mrs E Cleator (acting STEAM Co-Ordinator)
  • Mrs D McLaughlin (STEAM Co-Ordinator)
  • Mr J Mcloughlin
  • Mr D Usher
  • Mr H Gaunt
  • M​iss E Farrington


  • Mrs K Nicholas
  • Miss A Doyle (Performance) (Maternity Leave)
  • Miss M White (Performance)
  • M​iss E Finnan
  • Mr P Parkinson (Acting Head of Performance)
  • Miss H Browne (PE)
  • Miss K Walker (PE)
  • Mr G Joplin (PE)


Design & Technology:

  • Mr P Cousineau  
  • Mrs S O’Shea (Maternity Leave)
  • Miss J Backstrom
  • Mrs E Simon
  • M​iss F Cookson



  • Mrs H Rimmer - Lead Practitoner for Art (CEIAG Co-ordinator,)
  • Miss C Roberts (ITT Co-Ordinator & PHCSE Co-ordinator)

Modern Foreign Languages:

  • Mr S Davenport 
  • Mrs. C Carter 
  • Mrs L Irving 
  • Miss M Querol  (Duke of Edinburgh Co-Ordinator)
  • Miss P Serrano-Moreno

Human Science : (Health & Social Care, Sociology & Psychology)

  • Miss K Gillin  (Health & Social Care)
  • Ms J Perry (Sociology)
  • Mr R Owen  (Psychology)
  • Miss E McCombie (Sociology)
  • Mr A Cornmell (Business Studies) (2nd in Department)

Humanities (History, Government & Politics)

  • Miss J Bruce
  • Miss E Lancaster (Acting 2nd in Department)
  • Mr R Clarke
  • Miss C Rowan
  • Mr D Pearson

Humanities (Geography)

  • Miss C Tarpey Acting Head of Department with Geography responsibility)
  • Mrs R Collier
  • Miss I May


  • Mr P Love
  • Ms Y Clarke

Special Educational Needs:

  • Mrs K Graham  (SENCO)
  • Mrs H Hurt (SEN Support Officer )
  • Mrs M McKean (SEN Support)
  • Mrs J Rimmer. (HLTA), Mrs J Mckeown (HLTA)
  • S.E.N. Learning Support -  Miss E Hardcastle, , Mrs V Palframan, Miss K Withe, Mrs A Damagum, Miss J Kennedy, Mrs K Cleverley, Mrs G Tyrer, Miss M Carr

Support Staff:

  • Miss Y Bendall -  Sixth Form Study Supervisor/Admin
  • Mrs V Bevan  -    Finance,Facilities & Resource Officer
  • Mrs J Black       -  Data, Exams & Achievement Officer
  • Miss S Boner     - Cover Supervisor
  • Mrs D Cannon - Headteacher's PA
  • Mrs J Ennis        - Data,  Exams and Achievement Manager
  • Mrs J Graham   -  Admin Manager/Admissions Manager
  • Mr B Howard  - Finance, Facilities & Resource Manager
  • Mrs L Cooper - Admin Officer
  • Mrs J Irving       - Admin Officer
  • Mrs J Richardson  - General Assistant/ Reprographics
  • Mrs P Williams     - HR Manager     
  • Mr N Wilkinson - Caretaker  

Pastoral Support

  • Mrs L Gibson   -   KS3 Pastoral Lead - Year 7 (Assistant Designated Safeguard Lead)
  • Miss A Bryan    -   KS3 Pastoral Lead - Year 8 & 9 ((Assistant Designated Safeguard Lead) - (Maternity Leave)
  • Mrs M Harris    -  KS4 Pastoral Lead - Year 10 & 11 (Assistant Designated Safeguard Lead)
  • Mrs M Shurie   -   KS5 Pastoral Lead - Year 12 & 13 (Assistant Designated Safeguard Lead)
  • Miss C Mulholland - KS3 Pastoral and Attendance Lead (Temporary)
  • Mrs M Byrne - Pastoral Support Assistant

Technical Staff:

  • Mr R Culverston  -  Network Manager/  Senior ICT Technician                          
  • Mr I Pollock     -    I.T. Technician
  • Mr D Edmondson -   Senior Laboratory Technician   
  • Mr D Ariza           -    Design Technology Technician

Catering :

  • Mrs W Timson Catering Manager

Catering Assistants:

  • Ms P Jones;  Ms H Johnson; Ms A McGrath,  Ms P Porter, Mrs S O'Brien, Mrs R McDonald
  • Mrs P Egan, Mrs J Bayliss, Mrs V Birkenhead, Mrs E Asrat,

Additional Responsibilities:
  • School Direct Mentors:              Miss C Roberts
  • School Chaplain                         Rev Mike Griffin
  • Duke of Edinburgh                     Miss M Querol 
  • Diversity Co-ordinator Mr S Hussain
  • Diversity Co-ordinator Mrs A Fayaz


A Caring Christian Environment

"Our two daughters have had the best start in life thanks to the caring, enthusiastic and hardworking staff of Archbishop Blanch School. Choosing the right secondary school for one's children is such a difficult task, but we could feel the special ethos of ABS on our first visit. You inspire your pupils to achieve the academic heights of which they are capable in a happy, safe and vibrant environment."
Archbishop Blanch Parent.

Ethos and Expectations


Academic Excellence

We have a tradition of high academic standards encouraging students of all abilities to achieve and be successful. Our curriculum gives students many opportunities to progress and develop into whatever field they choose offering a vast range of subjects at each stage across the school and giving an excellent choice of extra curricular enrichment.

Our talented teachers deliver lessons which are fun and exciting supported by state of the art technology and resources.

Curriculum Information

About Us
& Our School

Christian Ethos and Vision

The Christian Ethos of Archbishop Blanch School is a unique feature of our school. We offer a safe and caring environment in which every student can reach their full potential.

The faith life of our school is a strong feature of Archbishop Blanch. Our new school building compliments our Christian ethos and enables us to come together in groups small and large. We also have a dedicated prayer room for special services and spiritual moments.

More Information about the School

Sixth Form

Sixth Form for the future

Archbishop Blanch has a successful sixth form which offers an excellent choice of subjects to both boys and girls:

Our experienced sixth form team offer both academic rigour, complemented by our supportive pastoral care which together produces outstanding results. 

Our new and exciting sixth form offers its own unique, facilities including: Study Centre, Dedicated Careers Advisor, Study Support Team and Social Area

More information about our Sixth Form