Enrichment & Work Experience


Students are asked to complete 100 hours enrichment over the two years they spend in the Sixth Form. Enrichment can come in many forms; it can be a hobby, sport, volunteering work and/or work experience.

Here at Archbishop Blanch Sixth Form we aim to develop the whole person. Taking part in enrichment activities develops skills that prepare a student for life and the world of work. It can make a huge difference to a student’s employability prospects.

We do offer enrichment opportunities within school. Please see our enrichment booklet to see what’s on offer. We also have strong association with the RVS and many of our students volunteer at the Royal Hospital.

It is a good idea to choose an activity that will give experience within your proposed career field. Our Careers Officer Ellie Jones is always on hand to offer advice.

Work experience

Students can carry out work experience on a weekly basis (timetable allowing) and all Year 12 students carry out a block work experience at the end of the academic year.  The work experience block is a fantastic chance to gain those all-important employability skills. Students chose placements that are relevant to their chosen university course or field of work.