Year 9 Liverpool University Taster Day

A small group of Year 9 students visited Liverpool University for a Computer Science taster day on 3rd February.Students had the opportunity to try a variety of different subjects during the day.

Cryptography -Students used several cryptography methods such as Ceaser and Vigenere ciphers, binary and ASCII to decrypt secret messages, reveal a name and secret meeting location.

AI and Binary Classification- During this session, our students learned about how AI can be trained to recognise different objects and classify them into groups. This idea is used for self-driving cars to identify moving objects and non-moving objects. Our students used binary classification to train an AI how to recognise images of cats and dogs. Then created a program in Scratch that tested if the AI could classify the images into the correct category.

Machine Learning and Drones- Our students used a drone simulator where their task was to successfully program their drones to take off, move along a specific course and then land. We then had a demonstration of the working machine code used on an actual drone.

Robotics – Students worked together to program robots to move forward, backwards, turn and stop. Some of our students even managed to program their robots to speak! Each of the robots had various sensors such as touch and colour. Our students programmed their drones to stop when touching an object and move when not.

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