Year 12 student gains prestigious place.

Congratulations go to one of our year 12 Physics students, Scarlett S,who has been successful in her application for a place at the Particle CERN Summer School.

This will take place in August 2021 and will be run by; Professor Joost Vossebeld, the University of Liverpool LHCb and ATLAS experiment research groups. The aim of the Particle School is to give future physicists exposure to the life of a researcher at CERN. The students will work with like-minded peers, having access to data from the LHCb experiment at CERN through various dedicated activities and lectures. Normally this event takes place in CERN-Geneva, however this year due to Covid restrictions, it will be delivered online.

The scheme is very prestigious with only 24 students from the UK involved, and only specific schools invited to apply. This experience has been extremely well received by previous delegates, many of whom have achieved undergraduate places at top universities and have gone on to pursue postgraduate studies in Physics.

We are extremely proud and very excited for Scarlett to be involved in this scheme.

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