Year 12 Programme of Study

Our programme is continually being updated to keep in touch with today’s society. We hope our programme instils and develops in students the skills, knowledge and qualities that help equip them to confidently face and embrace modern Britain.

‘Getting it Right’. 

Study Room, supervised study, library shop.
Introduction to work experience
The approach to, expectations and importance of independent study and skills in the 6th form.

Enrichment intro; Progress files.
Duke of Edinburgh
Students are expected to undertake 100 hours over 2 years of enrichment and / or volunteering. The Progress file is used through their two years to plot academic, enrichment and pastoral progress.

Getting Organised part 1
‘Planning for the Future’ and ABS Career Pathways
Students upload their subject target grades and career aspirations / pathway choice.

Royal Voluntary Service (RVS)
(enrichment opportunity)
An enrichment opportunity which develops excellent skills of citizenship, working in hospital cafes and supporting patients.

Lancaster University Scholarship team
All Pathways to attend for aspirational purposes. Eligible students will apply for this programme.

Kudos Inspire / LinkedIn / Self Evaluation
Managing and mapping your career plans in relation to your Pathway.

Mentoring no1 / Report review
Self-reflection and target-setting after this first term: what do they still need to get right?


‘Getting On’

Getting Organised part 2:
Progress files, target grades, Kudos Inspire check, Planning for the Future check.
Students are now asked to become more independently responsible for mapping and updating their academic and career progress.

Post -18 Careers Options
All Pathways students to attend. University and alternative routes are discussed.

Insight to Drive
Visiting speakers from a driving school. Students are shown the importance of learning to drive skillfully and safely.

‘Terriers’ theatre-in-education play on gang culture/ peer pressure
Social and cultural issues explored through theatre.

Talent Show / OAP Party planning
Both employ teamwork and skills of citizenship

Safety on the Streets
Our attached police constable speaks about personal safety in the city at night, followed by q and a session.

Y12 Report Reviewing
With form tutors: self-reflection and target-setting with a clear focus on preparing for January mock examinations.


Career Pathway Choices

1. Year 12 Summer work experience
Choosing an experience to develop your university / career option; how to apply.

2. Mock examination week
Exams and revision.

3. Why Higher Education?
Visiting speaker from Liverpool University
  - Pathways 4 students develop their CV and undertake in-house career interviews

4. Higher Education Overview Quiz (booklet) OR Using software and the internet for HE information and Careers Guidance.
Form tutors lead these sessions and support students as they begin their university and course search.
  - Pathways 4 students develop their CV and undertake in-house career interviews

5. Reverse of above
Form tutors lead these sessions and support students as they begin their university and course search.
  - Pathways 4 students develop their CV and undertake in-house career interviews

6. Report review / mock results upload.
Self-reflection and target-setting focusing on key improvements for study up to Easter. Using your mock and report feedback to set up study and revision goals.
This informs mentoring no. 2 with form tutor.


Improve and Impress; Life skills and Beyond 6th Form.

7. Daisy Inclusive Trust.
Visiting speaker Dave Kelly lost his sight half way through life. He shares his story, personal goals and determination to succeed with students.

8. Teenage Cancer Trust
Visiting speaker from this charity to raise awareness of health issues and charitable work. Students are warned of the sensitive nature of this talk in advance.

9. Gap Year presentation
Visiting speaker highlighting the benefits and logistics of taking a year out before going to university or beginning a career.

10. Politics: parts 1 and 2; Preparing for the mock election.
1. Overview of politics in modern Britain and how to apportion government funding for society – group tasks and debate.

2. Which party is for me? Understanding aims / basic manifestos of the main British political parties and making an informed choice regarding which party students may vote for.

11. Summer Work Experience. Careers/UCAS: Next steps.
National Citizenship / Volunteering this summer.
Visiting speaker highlighting the benefits and opportunities for volunteering in the summer.
How to use this and/or your summer work experience to develop your CV or personal statement. 

12. Life skills
Visiting speaker from Barclays Bank: how to manage personal finances in today’s world; the best skills which help young people get on in life today.

13. Report review
Self-reflection and target-setting with a clear focus on how best to achieve summer examination success. Revision timetable plans.


Preparing for Examinations 

1. Head Girl Team Hustings and voting.
Interact Hustings and voting
How to vote (using British democratic proportional representation system); how to choose your candidate.

2. Stress busting
How to manage yourself to stay well and focused throughout the revision and examination period.

3. Exam information and conduct; study and revision reminders.
Get it right and do the best you can!

Year 12 Examination Period


Career and Pathway Choices

4. Merseyside Higher Education Fair for all Y12 students
Students are met and registered at the fair. Tasks are set for research in advance; programme allows students to plan their visit in advance and update findings onto Kudos Inspire.

5. UCAS Register Personal Details.
In common room for modelling.
Students complete this section in pc rooms with FTs.
Continue to research courses in own time.
Students begin to complete their official application form.
  - Non-UCAS students follow their separate programme of careers research and support.

6. UCAS – Upload GCSE results.
In common room for example.
Students complete this section in pc rooms with FTs. Continue researching courses in own time.
Completing these two sections now inspires students to get ahead.
   - Non-UCAS students follow their separate programme of careers research and support.

7. UCAS day at Edge Hill University for all Y12 students
Hosted by the university, focusing on personal statements, university life and student loans.
  - Non UCAS students: presentations and workshops from local businesses and industries.

8. Planning Personal Statements
UCAS follow-up
Y12 and FTs off time-table p1-3
(Students to bring a pen).
Bring forms to common room for 8.50am
9-10.30am Newcastle University workshop on personal statement content.
10.50-12.30 UCLan University
workshop on planning personal
statement and first paragraph
   - Planning CVs for non-UCAS students.

9. UCAS students: Personal statements – continue planning / checking
In form bases.
FTs help students develop their Personal Statements.
   - non UCAS / Careers students: individual planning.

10. Work Experience reminders: skills and qualities expected in a working, professional environment; exam results day reminders.
Students leave school a week early to complete their work experience.