Parents Association



I wish to welcome you on behalf of the Parents' Association (ABPA) to our school. The members of the ABPA believe it is a very special school as all those who work to make it a success have asked to come here. No one has been sent. This applies to the girls, the Head, the Staff, Governors and Parents. All of us have volunteered to be involved. That is why it is so special and why we all work hard to ensure that its standards of Christian education and behaviour to each other and the outside world are maintained at all times.

The Parents' Association is actively involved in raising funds to support the school. We are determined to improve the environment for all the pupils and we want to have facilities that we can all be proud of.

We cannot afford to sit back and let someone else do the work, we all need to work together to make sure our children succeed in the world. The greater the number of parents and children helping, the more effective our support will be.

£1 per parent for life membership it is extremely good value. Enthusiasm and new ideas will be most welcome. There will be vacancies on the committee for interested parents.


We commit ourselves to working together to underpin, and to give coherence, to our shared values. We pledge ourselves to support our pupils through doubt and insecurity to a more mature faith which is understood, respected and recognised.

Supporting The School

School Fund

The governors and staff do all they can to enhance the curricular opportunities of the students. To this end they invite voluntary parental contributions of £30 a year.

This fund is separate from the school's main public funding account (which pays for teachers, building maintenance etc); instead, it is a private account that provides money for our 'Care Fund' and also pays for extra resources for the school, such as the running of the school minibus.

Special Resources Appeal

Because this is a Voluntary Aided School, the Governors must find 10% of all the costs of building maintenance and external refurbishment. This fund has been set up to enable us to supplement the normal school budget and so enable us to provide facilities and equipment we would not otherwise have been able to afford. For example, in recent years we have upgraded our P.E. facilities and our dining facilities have been dramatically upgraded to provide the girls with a modern environment in which to eat their lunch at the Casa Blancha bistro. This sort of improvement has been possible largely through the regular giving of parents, who often add to their donations through Gift Aid. We rely almost completely on parents for this, but the whole community, staff, governors and students all have their part to play.

Other Help

Friends and parents give up their time and expertise in other ways, largely through the efforts of the Parents Association who have made generous financial contributions through their fund-raising activities. Parents also help in Year 7 with the Accelerated Literacy Programme, a highly successful scheme to increase reading skills and stamina.


If you are an old girl of Archbishop Blanch School or one of its predecessors (St Edmund's College and Liverpool Girls' College), Friends of Archbishop Blanch School (FABS) would love to hear from you. This enthusiastic group of alumni actively fundraise to improve the Sixth Form facilities (please contact Mrs Coppell in the School Office for further details).