School Rules

  1. Regular attendence is expected of every pupil. All absences are recorded.
    School must be notified of any absence on the first day before 9.00 a.m. and any absence whatsoever must be accounted for by a note to school from the parents. Any unexplained absence will be counted as truancy. To report a pupil absence please ring the dedicated telephone line:706 9760.

  2. Punctuality is essential, both in arriving at school and for lessons.

  3. The school uniform must be strictly adhered to and worn to and from school as well as in school. If, in an emergency, any item of non-regulation uniform is worn, a letter of explanation must be received from home. Protective clothing is compulsory for Home Economics, CDT, some lessons of Art and Science.

  4. Courtesy and good manners to all members of the school community are expected at all times. Care for the building and environment is the responsibility of every member of the school.

  5. No girl may leave the premises without permission after arrival at school in the morning or at any time during the school day. All girls arriving at or leaving the premises with permission must sign the register in the school office.

  6. Each girl must ensure that she brings to school each day the required basic equipment, including the Homework Diary which must be kept up to date and signed. Repayment will be required for text books or library books which have been lost or damaged. Replacements for lost exercise books will also require payment.

  7. Homework must be completed and given in on time.

  8. Assembly: Morning assembly is an act of worship. It should be prepared for in a proper manner, girls must be silent and arrive in the hall with their form tutor.

  9. No personal CD or MP3 players, i-pods, radios, electronic games or similar valuable articles, other than a watch, may be brought to school.

    FOR SAFETY REASONS - NO AEROSOL SPRAYS OR CORRECTING FLUID MAY BE BROUGHT OR USED IN SCHOOL. These will be confiscated and the school cannot be held responsible.

  10. We appreciate that parents are concerned with their daughter's safety as they travel to and from school. We permit pupils to bring mobile phones into school on the following conditions:

    • They remain switched off and in school bags throughout the day.
    • We can accept no responsibility should the mobile phone be damaged or stolen.
    • Should they be seen they will be confiscated and parents will be asked to collect the phone.

  11. The class should stand when the teacher or a visitor enters the room. Any girl out of the classroom during lesson time must carry a pass issued by the teacher. No one should leave the classroom at the end of the lesson until the room is neat and tidy and until dismissed by the teacher.

  12. All girls stay in school for dinner. Arrangements for the canteen meal and for packed lunches must be strictly observed. At lunch time, food is to be consumed in the Dining Room, not on corridors or in the yard. No food should be taken from the Dining Room. Chewing gum is strictly forbidden. It must not be brought to school. No eating or drinking is allowed on the corridors.

  13. No smoking is allowed.

  14. Girls may only use the school payphone with the permission of their Year Tutor. In-coming messages for girls can only be accepted in a real emergency.

  15. Girls should not come to the Staff Room before 8.40 a.m. and between 12.30 p.m. to 1.10 p.m. A member of staff is on duty during these times for an emergency.

  16. Care for all school buildings and school property is expected of every girl. Anyone found guilty of marking furniture or walls will be severely punished.

  17. Orderly behaviour is expected at all times on buses and in queues. The uniform represents the school which will be judged by pupils' conduct.

  18. Money should not be brought to school in large amounts except in special circumstances. It should be kept on the person in a named purse belt. It should never be left unattended. Large amounts should be given to Miss Griffiths for safe keeping. The school accepts no liability for property.

    N.B. Infringement of the school rules may result in a detention of 30 minutes, for which 24 hours notice will be given. A 10 minute detention may be given at any time without warning. There is a longer detention for serious or repeated indiscipline. These are recorded on profiles. Smoking, fighting or bullying and other serious offences will result in exclusion.