Visual Arts And Drama


The school places great value on students' personal and social development. Through music, art and drama many such skills are developed.


To promote and encourage active and critical participation in a wide range of activities in the school and the wider community.

The Department offers a wide range of extra-curricular experiences and opportunities.

In school there are three choirs. There is the Year 7 Choir and the Senior Choir. The Chamber Choir is for more experienced singers who can read music and notation and sing in parts.

There is the Training Orchestra and Senior Orchestra, Rock Group and Swing Band.

Other ensembles are formed at times during the school year to perform at special events.


The Department provides the conditions and environment necessary for a broad and constructive Art education.

The department aims to stimulate interest and enjoyment in Art, enabling students to appreciate the range of sources from which artists from different localities, generations and cultures derive their inspiration and ideas.

The Department runs extra-curricular activities in school where students prepare work for events and exhibitions. Pupils are encouraged to take part in competitions and displays in and out of school. Such activities serve to celebrate achievement as well as improving the environment and enhancing the school's reputation.

The Department has established links in the community and with areas of industry.

Opportunities are created for visits to the school by specialists when they can work with students and there are regular visits to places of artistic interest such as galleries and exhibitions.


""The only real object of education is to leave a person in the condition of continually asking questions" "said Tolstoy and this is what Drama aims to do, along with developing in pupils the skills required to perform and improvise their ideas. Pupils are encouraged and taught how to build up their confidence in performance, speaking and listening, as well as learning how to work effectively in a group. This makes a positive contribution to their growth as responsible young citizens.

Drama also makes an active contribution to the school's spiritual dimension through its exploration of a range of social, cultural and historical issues.

The Drama department offers extensive and varied extra-curricular activities that serve to enrich pupils' cultural experience, extend their knowledge of theatre and develop their skills in drama. Included within these activities are many theatre trips (local and national), drama productions, visits from theatre companies and talks by actors, directors and designers from the industry. Performances and lessons take place in the new Drama studio (opened in January 2007) and sometimes the hall. Both spaces allow for exciting Drama lessons to take place and the studio contains state-of the art lighting and sound equipment that allow pupils to create expressive, theatrical effects within their drama.

The department has strong links with the local community and Drama in industry, and we are linked to the Everyman Playhouse Theatres through their Partnership Scheme.

Each year there is a different focus for extra-curricular activities; this could be a drama production or a group put together especially for a specific performance. This allows pupils from across the years to be involved.

All three departments aim to offer an extensive range of extra-curricular opportunities working together on projects and presenting major stage productions to further develop the experiences and skills of the students at Archbishop Blanch School.