Music Success for Hope

Year 13 student Hope, took part in the Liverpool Music Festival.  In the category Set Song she won Silver (2nd) and in British Composer she also gained Silver (singing "The Lord's My Shepherd", which she sang in the Gala Concert).

In the German Lieder class and in the Oratorio class she was awarded  Bronze.

Hope is to be highly commended on this tremendous achievement as it is extremely difficult to be able to be so versatile.

Extra-curricular Activities

Music Department extra-curricular music activities may vary during the year according to needs and demands. Pupils should always listen to notices in assembly and read the music notice board outside C7. If in doubt ask a member of the music staff. Rehearsals always run from 12.30 to 1.05 pm in order for pupils to have time for lunch. Pupils are advised to book a meal in advance at the canteen if they want a hot lunch or to bring a packed lunch.

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Training Orchestra Lunhctime
Pop Singers Workshop Lunchtime
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Senior Woodwind Occasional
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