Archbishop Blanch School

We are one community, showing the love of Christ through Friendship, Compassion and Thanksgiving


Our aim is for pupils to succeed in whatever field they choose and they thrive in the school's stimulating environment.There is a real sense of curiosity, creativity and an enjoyment of learning aided by the support systems we have in place; they give pupils the confidence they need to develop and succeed.

We strive to ensure that pupils of all abilities are well equipped to meet the opportunities of education, work and life. Therefore, an emphasis is placed on "learning to learn". Our pupil's are encouraged to use a variety of independent learning techniques to acquire thinking, revision and interpersonal skills. We believe it is our duty to provide pupils with the skills to learn as well as the essential knowledge they need.

The curriculum is explained more fully in the school's curriculum booklets

KS3 - Year 7 Curriculum Booklet

KS3 - Year 8 Curriculum Booklet

KS3 - Year 9 Curriculum Booklet

KS4 -Year 10 & 11 Curriculum Booklet

For details on Year 12 & 13 courses please visit 6th form curriculum


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