Year 7


Opportunities to tour the school

and attend a talk about the Admissions procedures are available on 

Tuesday, 2 September at 10.00 a.m. and/or Wednesday, 8 October at 2 p.m.

Closing date for Music or Art applications is 9 September

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Applications for Year 7 in September 2015

 You should also name Archbishop Blanch School

as one of your three choices on the Local Authority form




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Applications should be made on the school's Application Form

which must  be returned to Archbishop Blanch School by 31st October 2014.




Aptitude Applicants:                             2015-ART_APTITUDE_FORM.pdf  

                                                                 Tests for aptitude in Art will be held w/c 22 September 2014. 

                                                                 Closing date for aptitude forms to be received at ABS - 9 September



                                                                  Tests for aptitude in Music will be held on 22 September 2014

                                                                   The aptitude form for Archbishop Blanch, King David & St Edwards

                                                                   to be sent to ST EDWARD'S COLLEGE by 9 September



                                                                   The results of the aptitude tests will be posted to parents on

                                                                    3 October 2014 to enable an informed decision to be made as to whether 

                                                                   to  proceed with a formal application (to be received by 31st October).


Christian Applicants                                2015-CHRISTIAN_REFERENCE_FORM.pdf

                                                                    Christian applicants should take the relevant reference form to their religious 

                                                                    leader for completion. 



                                                                    Self Certification is only to be used in exceptional circumstances where christian

                                                                    applicants are unable to obtain a reference from a priest, minister or religious  

                                                                    leader.  Please read information carefully before completing form.



 Other World Faith Applicants:               2015-OTHER_WORLD_FAITH_REFERENCE.pdf

                                                                    Other World Faith applicants should take the relevant reference form to their

                                                                    religious leader for completion     



Muslim Applicants:                                   2015-MOSQUE_REFERENCE.pdf


                                                                    Muslim applicants should obtain two references (on the relevant forms).              

                                                                    One from the Imam to verify the parental attendance at the Mosque and one 

                                                                    from the leader of the Madrassa to confirm their daughter's attendance


Medical/Social Applicants:                       2015-MEDICAL-SOCIAL_REFERENCE.pdf

                                                                     Applicants should obtain a reference from a qualified professional such as

                                                                     a social worker, doctor or specialist             


Expressed Interest                                    Applications will also be accepted from those who expess an interest in their    

                                                                    daughter attending the school.  Please refer to relevant section of Application



We will not provide any of the personal information you give us to any third party.  Any information submitted to Archbishop Blanch School via this website is held under the Data Protection Act 1998.